30 Day Art Challenge: 5.) Your favorite outfit.

Hands down my raccoon kigurumi. Its comfortable and adorable. It also has huge pockets to stuff people’s stolen shit in.

30 Day Art Challenge: 4.) An animal you think is really cute.

Pangolins are rlly cute. They’re anteaters with scales.


Ao. Ao. Hey. hey Ao.

I did the thing. Now where is my coffee.

This is for Ao’s thirty day art challenge thing. However she is currently too drunk off her tanook ass to do the thing. So she had me do the thing. Here is the thing. She also did not exactly explain HOW to upload it to her blog. So. Here. Let the penguins sooth your soul. Sooth your body. Sooth your mind. As I silently judge you. The penguins are too. But they are cuter about it. Also milk.

Ao’s thirty day art challange. 3. One, some, or all of your friends.

Help me she has a gun and unclipped fingernails send swat team.

(I was passed out and didn’t get the skype calls and IMs fml)
TYSVM for the help god knows I needed it. ilu T v T

30 Day Drawing Challenge: 2. Someone you like (celebrity, significant other, or crush)

I drew my senpai. I like him a lot yea. He is a voiceactor who plays league of legends a ton. He’s got a Draven beard.

30 Day Drawing Challenge: 1.) Draw yourself or and your persona.

Its a tough job.

Monstergirl ocs in my favorite pen.


Well I tried. ┐(´∀`)┌.

Tokaku = German Shep mix 
Haru = Papilion
Shinya = I wasn’t specific I just wanted her to have a flop ear.
Nio = Small annoying loud dog. (Idk how her tattoos would even go)


Pictures of my Dks2 main file. She was a pure melee sentinel of blue. Pretty bad at pvp because str weapons are slow as piss. But when hits connected.. 


I’m so butthurt anr ended and I’m in denial: the art dump.

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